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Halifax Certified OEM Master Spa Parts

Hot Tub & Spa Replacement Parts

Master Spas Hot Tub Brands

Master Spas Filters

Hot Tub Universe carries Master Spas parts for all models. Only certified Master Spas dealers can carry the patented Eco Pur Filter, which is used specifically for Master Spas hot tubs. The Eco Pur water filtration system ensures the quality of your water will exceed all industry standards. Not sure which Master Spa filter your hot tub requires? Call us today with your make and model ready. We would be happy to help you find the spa filter you need. Buy with confidence from a Master Spas supplier in Atlantic Canada!

Let us help you with the right part for your model

A leading Atlantic Canada retailer for Master Spa parts and filters! We offer the complete line of replacement hot tub parts for your Master Spas model, in stock and ready to be shipped. Order your Master Spas Parts today, or call Customer Care Center. We’re here seven days a week to help you find everything you need for your Master Spa! We offer a variety of Master Spa hot tub accessories that can enhance your spa experience. Some of our most popular Master Spa supplies include the Chemical Starter Kit and Test Strips, as well as our weighted spa booster seat. Let us help you finding the right Master Spas accessories or Master Spas equipment for your spa.

Master Spa Air Controls

Do you need to replace the air controls on a Master Spa? Hot Tub Universe offers a great selection of certified OEM Master Spa air control replacement parts, including Master Spa air control valves, dials and much more. Your spa air controls, which are located at the top of your spa, manage the force of your jets, the air to water ratio, and mix. If not in use, keep your Master Spa air controls in the closed position, as air bubbles tend to cool the water and decrease efficiency. Need help finding the correct air control replacement part? Locate your year, make and model number and call Customer Service.

Master Spas Jets

Hot Tub Universe also offers a huge selection of authentic OEM Master Spa jets and replacement Master Spa jet parts in stock and ready to be shipped! These fully adjustable Master Spas jets can be set anywhere from 10% - 100% power, giving you the option to customize any seat in your spa.

Master Spas circuit boards

Every Master Spa circuit board we sell is a factory-direct OEM replacement part from Master Spa. We keep a great selection of Master Spa boards in stock. Our popular circuit boards include the Master Spas Balboa Circuit Boards, MAS560 Circuit Boards, and MAS470 Circuit Boards.

We Carry The Following Master Spas Models

570, 670, 6900 Cedar, CLS-360 - Clarity Spas, CLS-524 - Clarity Spas, CLS-730 - Clarity Spas, CLS-730L - Clarity Spas, CLS-738 - Clarity Spas, CLS-738L - Clarity Spas, CLS-855 - Clarity Spas, CLS-855L - Clarity Spas, CLS-1055 - Clarity Spas (3 Panel), CLS-1055 - Clarity Spas (4 Panel), CLS-415 , CS 650, CS 700, CS 750, CS 800, CS 850, East Hampton, Essex, Firelake, HL 616, HL 620, HL 624, HL-7 - Healthy Living Hot Tubs, HL-7.5 - Healthy Living Hot Tubs, HL-8 - Healthy Living Hot Tubs, HL-8.5 - Healthy Living Hot Tubs, Little Harbor, LS 1000, LS 1050, LS 1557, LS 1650, LS 650, LS 700, LS 750, LS 800, LS 800 STS, LS 850, LSI, LSS 750, LSS 825, LSX, LSX 557, LSX 700, LSX 800, LSX 850, LSX 900, LS2X, LSXS, MP Force - Michael Phelps Series (5 Panel), MP Impact - Michael Phelps Series (4 Panel), MP Momemtum - Michael Phelps Series (5 Panel), MP Signature - Michael Phelps Series (5 Panel), MP Signature S - Michael Phelps Series (5 Panel), Trainer 12-H2X (3 Panel), Trainer 14-H2X (4 Panel), Trainer 15 (4 Panel), Trainer 17-H2X (5 Panel), Trainer 18 (5 Panel), Trainer 19-H2X (5 Panel), Twilight Series, TS 120, TS 240, TS 6.1, TS 6.2, TS 67.15, TS 67.25, TS 7.1, TS 7.15, TS 7.2, TS 7.25, TS 8.2, TS 8.25, TS - 8.3, TS 8.35, TS FIT (3 Panel), TSMP (3 Panel), TX 87.3.

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